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Commissions in LDC countries

United Nations assignments

One important client is the UNCTAD/GATT International Trade Centre, Geneva. In development projects with southern India we have carried out product design and development of product lines for coir products – using the strong coir firbre of the coconut husk. The comprehensive project also included development of production methods, vocational training, marketing in Europe of carpets etc.


In Pakistan we have developed an entirely new kind of prayer mat for moslems – an innovative desing to the traditional carpet used during the daily moslem prayers.

Also, the traditional oriental carpet has been redesigned to suit modern interiors. The carpets are marketed both in the United States and in Europe.


In Bangladesh a program towards upgrading of handicraft projects has been carried out at BISIC, Dhaka.


A training program for design and product development at export industries has been implemented, directed at both small crafts companies and major manufacturing industries.