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Training and consulting

Training programmes in design and export development

Aimed at export industries – small and large – we have carried out training programmes. The objective is to increase competitiveness, to create awareness of different cultures and tastes in export enterprises, to provide inspiration for creative work and to produce special export collections of manufactured goods. The programs are supplemented with export marketing and sales promotion, trade fair participation etc.

Our programmes emphasize:

* upgrading of manufacturing technique and production methods.
* use of nature´s materials.
* design trends – new colours and schemes.
* indigeneous tradition as a basis for creation of new styles.
* promotion of products.
* quality management

Workshop seminars

In the training programme is included workshop activities where we work with colour schemes, pattern designs, set together collections intended for" target export markets etc. We also do design work, proposes new products and make a program for implementation of an export project.

Advisory services to local manufacturers

In connection with training programmes we can also undertake direct design work and give advise to local industry. Ideas are given about possible export of existing products, adaptation of designs and materials and so on.

We are obliged to provide any kind of service related to design and product development for international business.