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Prizes and Awards

About Birgit


Prizes and Awards

Awards for Furnishing Textiles

* Museum of Contemporary Crafts, New York
* Hemmets Textilier, Oslo (Textiles for the Home)
* Cotil competition, Copenhagen
* Curtain competition, Copenhagen
* Gold Medal, Milan Furniture Fair


* Triennale, Milan
* Interbau, Berlin
* Museum of Contemporary Crafts, New York
* National Museum, Stockholm
* Form, Malmö
* Imperial, Copenhagen
* Toronto, Canada
* Tokyo, Japan
* Artform, Milan
* Numerous exhibitions in Sweden


Scholarship from King Gustav Fund
The State Grant for Arts
Cultural Grants etc.

Textile Design Expert and Adviser to United Nations

Projects in India, Bangladesh, Pakistan a.o.

Lectures to

JID – Japan Interior Designers, Tokyo
KOTRA – Korea Trade Center, Seol
INDO – EEC Workshop, Brussels
Dept.. of Export Promotion DEP, Bangkok, Thailand.